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“As a community of parents, the best resource we have is each other.

– Travis Merideth

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Things To Do With Small Children

Child's Meals

Child friendly places to take toddlers and small children to have a sit down meal.

Zoombezi Bay at the Columbus Zoo, swimming area and play area for children, in Powell, Ohio
Activities For Children

Parks, Pools, Events, and other activities that are good for toddlers and young children

Child safety latch on kitchen cabinet where the sink is too close to use the other type of latch

Products For Kids

Products for childproofing your home, use in a vehicle, potty training, changing diapers, and just about any other child related product.

About PArents Child Guide

Welcome to Parents Child Guide. Our goal is a community of parents helping parents. This help comes in the form of sharing of information, ranging from products and services to experiences at restaurants, businesses, parks, and just about anywhere else we take young children.

Zoombezi Bay waterpark at the Columbus Zoo in Powell, Ohio
kids eat free days at restaurants
Top door lock for basement door to prevent children from accessing basement