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Kids Shrimp and Fries at The Happy Greek in the Short North, Columbus, Ohio 43215

During the saturday of the NCAA tournament at Nationwide Arena in Columbus, Ohio, I took my daughter to the Happy Greek Restaurant & Pub in the Short North. While this is in close proximity to the Arena District and Nationwide Arena, we were able to get seated right away.

Childrens Seating

Our server offered a booster seat, as my daughter is almost 3 years old. While we didn’t use the booster seat, it is good to know that it is available. However, they did not have crayons or other activities for children available.

Children’s Menu

The Happy Greek did not have a children’s menu section on the menu I was presented, however our server was happy to tell me about the children’s dishes when I asked. The children’s menu dishes he described included Shrimp & Fries, Kids Pizza, Kids Gyro & Fries, Chicken Tenders & Fries, and Children’s Pasta. I have since looked at their website and the Happy Greek does list children’s menu dishes in its online menu. The kid’s menu items were each $6.99.

Upon being seated, our initial drink order included a milk for my daughter. While it was not served in a children’s cup, it was in a large styrofoam cup with a lid and a straw. The milk was NOT included in the price of the kid’s menu item we ordered, and costed an extra $2.50.

Happy Greek in Short North Columbus, Ohio Kids Shrimp and adult meal was Lamb and Beef Gyro Pasta
Kids Shrimp & Fries and the Lamb and Beef Gyro Pasta at The Happy Greek

For our meals, I had the Lamb and Beef Gyro Pasta, and my toddler had the kid’s Shrimp with Fries. Both of our meals were very good and my daughter really liked here her meal. The kids shrimp was breaded and fried, and the fries had just the right amount of crispy.

Since the milk wasn’t included in the kid’s meal, the total pre-tax price for my the kids meal was $9.49. So if you are looking for a kids meal on a budget you may consider taking your own children’s drink or ordering water.

The Dining Environment

My daughter and I sat in the front section at a small table for two, which also had a good view of High Street through the front window. As we were close to the entryway and the area where takeout orders are picked up, there was a good amount of foot traffic near us. While the staff and our server were friendly, I found that the clientele was also very friendly. In fact, while we were waiting an older gentlemen who was there with his wife made a point to stop and pay a compliment to my daughter. Additionally, a couple with a young baby girl was seated at the booth across from us as we were finishing our dinner.

The Happy Greek
Restaurant and Pub

660 N High Street
Columbus OH 43215


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